Summer is everyone's favourite season, but when it comes to the summer heat, we know we need an efficient method of dealing with it. Air conditioners are indispensable devices that can help us feel comfortable even in the worst heat. However, it is very important how we manage them so that we can enjoy cool conditions and low energy bills.


How can we save on electricity when cooling with air conditioning?


1. Proper thermostat maintenance

Even though new air conditioners are very smart, they can be affected by heat. Various items such as lamps, televisions or other electronics radiate heat and their presence near the air conditioner or thermostat can make the system think the room is warmer than it really is.


2. Keep your air conditioner in the shade

It has been proven that if the outdoor or indoor unit is placed in direct sunlight, this can affect its efficiency. Therefore, you can make sure that your air conditioner is in the shade and prevent the unit from overheating.


3. Clean the filters of the air conditioner

Faulty air conditioner filters can contribute to the system running overtime. Replacing and cleaning the filter is essential to the performance and efficiency of the system.


4. Limit heat generating activities

If you think about it, there are many activities that can cause additional heat to be created. Such activities include laundry, cooking, even bathing. You can limit some of these. The other option is to do them later in the day when temperatures are lower.


5. Check the humidity

There are other factors that are responsible for what the conditions in your home will be like. For example, having high humidity will contribute to the temperature feeling higher than it is. To help your air conditioner, you can additionally use a dehumidifier in areas with high humidity. These appliances are specifically designed to help you deal with this problem.


6. Schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning system

Proper air conditioner maintenance will not only help you enjoy quality cooling but also low energy bills. It's best to schedule a comprehensive air conditioning system maintenance twice a year - before summer and before winter.


7. Use a programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat will help you manage your air conditioner wisely. In case you are not in the room or away for a few hours, you can set the system to run in economy mode.


You can control your thermostat from anywhere with a smartphone and easily create customized cooling schedules to give your air conditioner a break.


8. Improve insulation

In addition to being able to renew and improve your home's insulation, you can seal up areas where it needs it with caulking and spray foam.


Replace weather stripping around doors and windows if damaged.


All of these tips will help you keep your home cooler and more comfortable and reduce your energy costs in the summer. At the same time, you'll make your air conditioner easier to operate and extend its service life.


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