Air conditioner Dry mode - what is it, and when is it used?

What is the dry mode of the air conditioner?


Your air conditioner's dry mode is a very effective feature you can use to remove moisture from your home or office. Moisture is a major cause of mould and mildew in rooms, and this is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy to humans. It can exacerbate and even unlock allergies in our body, make it difficult to breathe, cause drowsiness and feelings of lack of energy.


Dry mode or dehumidification mode does exactly what its name states - it removes moisture from the air. This can be beneficial because it limits the growth of mold and pollen and because it will improve the feeling of comfort when you are in the room. High humidity affects our perception of the actual temperature of the room we are in.


How does dry mode air conditioning work?

The operation of the dehumidifiers and that of the dry mode of the air conditioner is very similar. When you activate them, they pump air out of the room and run it through their cooling coils, condensing the air.


Is there a difference between an air conditioner and a dehumidifier?

As we said, both units pass the pumped air through cooling coils, but what happens after that is different. In an air conditioner, the air is cooled by the coils and in a dehumidifier, after the air condenses, it is heated in order to repeat the process.


How does the dehumidification mode help the performance of the air conditioner?

High humidity is most often noticed during months of heavy rainfall. It can also be a familiar problem for homes prone to moisture retention.


This moisture is not only harmful to you, but also to your air conditioner. Mold can build up in the system's internal parts and damage them. In addition, moisture can affect the way we feel so much that it feels like the air conditioner isn't on at all. When they don't feel that the room is cool enough, most people usually turn down the degrees and it affects the end of the month electric bills.


The other thing that can happen if you lower the degrees too much is your air conditioner will freeze.


Additionally, if your appliance runs at too high a speed for too long, it's likely that parts will wear out faster, and a breakdown could occur.


The conclusion: if you have a moisture problem, don't put it off. Use the dry mode on your appliance, it is there to help you in such cases. You can also plug in an extra dehumidifier to assist for the process.


How do you activate the Dry mode on your air conditioner?

If you are looking for the Dry mode symbol on the air conditioner, it is marked with a drop. On some air conditioners, you may also see it displayed.


Frequently asked questions related to the dry mode of the air conditioner


Can you use Cool mode and Dry mode at the same time?

Cool mode turns off automatically when using dry mode and the fan slows down. During this time the air conditioner turns into a dehumidifier.


Is there a difference in energy consumption in dry mode versus cool mode?

The cooling mode of the air conditioner consumes a lot of energy. And this is the setting that most people tend to use extremely often on warm days.


However, sometimes using the cool mode of the air conditioner is not only more expensive, but it may not be as efficient.


The dry mode of the air conditioner can actually help lower your energy bill.


Turning this feature on will not only help to reduce humidity and make you feel more comfortable, but it will also turn off certain features of the air conditioner that are causing the higher energy consumption. At the same time, the dry mode will help the air feel cooler.


Is it appropriate to use the dry mode in the winter?

As we have mentioned, when operating in Dry mode, the air conditioner does not have this principle of operation to heat the air after passing it through the coils. This makes the dehumidify mode not very suitable for use in winter. It's even possible for the appliance to become damaged, so don't switch to dry mode during the colder months.


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