What do the symbols on the air conditioner mean?
Explanation of air conditioner symbols.

Not all symbols are well known to air conditioner users, and sometimes this leads to confusion and even misadjustment of the unit. The key to the proper and sensible operation of an air conditioning system is knowing its capabilities and the combination of buttons to use. It sounds very easy, but in fact sometimes it may not be.

In this article, we'll give a brief overview of the main symbols - air conditioner settings - that you can see on your thermostat and what their purpose is.


What do the different air conditioner mode symbols mean?
Most users know the main symbols well, while others are not so recognizable. And some people think that the symbols can be recognized intuitively, it turns out that this is not the case for everyone. To help you understand the basic symbols more clearly, we've described what they look like and what they do:


Fan mode                 
This mode in most cases has an icon with fan blades. It activates the air conditioner fan, and this is possible even if the compressor is switched off.

What is fan mode for?
One very useful and important use of the Fan mode is that it distributes the air evenly in the room and thus hot or cold spots are avoided. In addition, this also moves the air in the room around. The result is a more even temperature and greater comfort. In case the condenser coils freeze, you can use the fan to help the air conditioner defrost them.
This mode can also be used when you don't need much cooling. In addition to being able to replace the Cool mode, the fan mode will help you save on your energy bills.


Automatic mode
The automatic mode in the air conditioner activates the fans automatically when the air conditioner is running in cooling mode. It is usually depicted as consecutive arrows, there may also be the letter A in the centre of the icon.

What is the automatic air conditioner mode for?
This function helps maintain the desired temperature once the air conditioner has reached it. It works in both cooling and heating mode.

Thanks to this mode, you can reduce your electricity bill. Also it will help in better condensation of the liquid in the air conditioner.


Cooling mode
The cooling mode is the most recognizable, yet it is also the most used. A symbol indicates it in the shape of a snowflake.

It works to deliver the cool air you need during the warmer months.


Heating mode
The other well-known mode is the heating mode. It is almost always depicted as the sun and works in the exact opposite way to the cooling mode. Instead of cold air - warm air comes in from inside the air conditioner.


Dry air conditioning mode
When you have a high moisture problem, the dry mode can help you solve it. The function is basically reflected on the display as a drop, and additional diagonal features illustrate airflow.

This mode turns your air conditioner into a dehumidifier and removes moisture from the air. It automatically turns off the cooling mode, with only the fan running during this time.


Sleep mode
The night mode of the air conditioner is most often depicted with a crescent moon and stars. It is extremely useful as it is energy saving. Depending on whether you set your air conditioner to heat or cool, the temperature gradually rises or falls by one degree when you activate Sleep mode. This way, the appliance will maintain a comfortable room temperature while you sleep and run more economically.


Turbo mode
The Turbo mode of your air conditioner is usually indicated by an icon with the text "Turbo". It is used when you need a quick warm-up or cool-down, with the appliance running at full power for the first 30 minutes.

Note that this mode uses the most energy as the air conditioner is running at full capacity.


Quiet mode
Quiet mode is usually depicted by an icon with a person signaling silence or a "Low noise" sign. When you use it, your air conditioner will operate in its quietest mode possible.

Eco mode
This is another economy mode that ensures the appliance operates in the most energy efficient way. This is an option that every modern air conditioner model has. It may be labeled differently from brand to brand, but is most often depicted with two petals or the word "Eco".

There are many other operating modes, but these are the most used. To find out what your appliance can do, take a look at the instructions.

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