Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are two key features we increasingly look for when choosing air conditioning systems. In this context, Fuji Electric is fulfilling its mission to provide green and sustainable solutions that not only provide comfortable cooling, but also reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.


Energy efficiency

One of the most notable features of Fuji Electric's air conditioning systems is their high energy efficiency. The technologies used in these systems are designed to reduce electricity consumption, thus helping users to reduce their energy costs.


With innovative solutions, such as inverter technology, Fuji Electric air conditioning systems regulate the compressor speed, enabling optimum temperature and energy consumption. This contributes to a significant reduction in energy costs and offers a more sustainable solution for cooling rooms.


Hybrid heat exchanger

Fuji Electric's latest offerings feature an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems - the Hybrid Heat Exchanger.


The heat exchanger plays an important role in the space cooling and heating process by providing heat transfer between the air and the cooling/heating medium.


To increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger, Fuji Electric has made some key improvements. One of these is the increase in the density of the heat exchanger. With greater density, more heat exchanger surface area is available for airflow, allowing for more efficient and rapid heat transfer. This results in faster and more efficient cooling or heating of the room.


In addition to the increase in density, Fuji Electric also adds a second additional heat exchanger in its air conditioning systems. This additional heat exchanger acts as an enhancer and further increases the efficiency of the cooling or heating process. By providing additional surface area for heat transfer, the second heat exchanger provides a further increase in efficiency and achieves the desired temperature faster and more efficiently.


The KG series air conditioners thus provide ultra-high energy efficiency.


Environmentally friendly solutions

In addition to energy efficiency, Fuji Electric air conditioning systems are designed with special attention to environmental aspects. The company is actively working to reduce carbon emissions and the negative impact on the environment. The technological innovations built into these systems help to reduce harmful emissions, thereby helping users to engage in environmentally responsible behavior.


They run on the latest and most environmentally friendly refrigerant - R32. R32 is one of the most progressive solutions in the field of air conditioning systems as it has a lower potential for harmful environmental impact and carbon footprint. This means that using R32 as a refrigerant not only provides efficient cooling or heating, but also reduces the impact on the environment and maintains lower levels of carbon emissions.


In addition, Fuji Electric uses materials and components that are environmentally acceptable and strives for optimal resource utilization.


With these green and sustainable solutions, Fuji Electric not only strives for high energy efficiency, but also for environmental responsibility and maintaining an ecological balance.


By combining energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, Fuji Electric's air conditioning systems offer significant benefits to both consumers and the environment. Reducing energy costs not only helps to reduce consumer spending, but also reduces dependence on unsustainable energy sources and helps to create a more sustainable energy system.


This allows users of Fuji Electric air conditioning systems to contribute to environmental protection by reducing their ecological footprint.


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and energy efficient air conditioning solution, be sure to browse the Fuji Electric catalogue on our website. If you are in need of a consultation, feel free to contact us.