Fuji Electric inverter wall-type air conditioners of the ECO series KL are powerful and functional devices that have a set of comfort functions and modes for more comfortable and economical operation and provide excellent power in the air conditioning of large rooms.


Advantages of the KL series


Very good energy efficiency

The air conditioner has inverter technology which allows it to adjust its power depending on the needs of the room. This results in greater energy efficiency and energy saving.

Fuji Electric KL has an energy class of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, which makes it very effective not only in the summer months, but also for heating in winter. Not only your home or office will always be well air-conditioned, but with Fuji Electric KL you will also be able to save money on electricity bills. This is a major reason why this model is so preferred.

A variety of functions

Fuji Electric KL has a variety of functions contributing to comfort and economy in its operation. For example, the Economy mode of operation limits the consumption of electricity through precise control over the system, and the Powerful mode allows continuous operation at maximum air flow and maximum power of the compressor in order to quickly heat or cool the room. Functions such as Auto changeover, Automatic fan speed and Auto restart make it easier to work with the device by automating certain processes, and the Sleep timer and the 24-hour timer allow you to set up the device more easily and come home to a well-conditioned room.

Durability and longevity

The use of durable materials and components and successful practices ensure that the KL air conditioners are reliable and stand the test of time, thus offering you a good investment.

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