Fuji Electric continues to lead the air conditioning industry with its KE series, which delivers energy efficiency in an innovative design. The KE series is designed to meet the needs of the modern user, offering comfort and durability without compromise.

Economy mode

The economy mode of the KE series is specially designed to reduce energy consumption without compromising on comfort. When activated, the air conditioner automatically adjusts its operation to maintain the desired temperature with less energy, resulting in lower electricity bills and a longer life of the air conditioner.

Quiet mode

The quiet mode of the KE series is ideal during sleep or for work environments where silence or concentration is required. In this mode, the air conditioner is almost inaudible, while providing a stable and comfortable level of cooling or heating.

Automatic airflow adjustment

The automatic air flow regulation system of the KE series guarantees an even distribution of air in the room. Large louvers and new airflow structure provide comfortable airflow that reaches further.

Ion-deodorizing filter

The KE series ion deodorizing filter is designed to remove odors and improve air quality. It generates negative ions that neutralize odors and remove harmful particles, providing a healthier environment.

Beautiful design

The KE series is distinguished by its “Cool Beauty Design”, which is specially created for the European market. The elegant design combines curved surfaces that are beautiful from every angle and give a sense of comfort and sophistication to the room.

High energy efficiency

With its high SEER and SCOP values, the KE series is in the top ranking in terms of energy efficiency. This is achieved thanks to the highly efficient heat exchanger, the large fin of the outdoor unit and the new freon, which guarantees significant savings.

Smartphone control

With the optional wireless LAN interface, the KE series can be controlled from anywhere via smartphone. This adds extra convenience, allowing you to control the climate in your home anytime, anywhere.


Fuji Electric's KE series is an example of an innovative product that combines high energy efficiency, smart functions and elegant design to offer continuous comfort and convenience to its customers. With this air conditioner, Fuji Electric demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and innovation in the field of air conditioning.