The winter season is here and you've decided to purchase an economical air conditioner or replace your old system with a new one? There are a wide variety of air conditioners to choose from, but which one should you choose? If you're looking for an energy-saving air conditioner from a proven manufacturer, you've come to the right place.


In this article, we'll note what to look for when choosing an economical heating air conditioner and offer you two models from Fuji Electric.


Choosing an economical heating air conditioner


Energy class

When choosing an air conditioner, pay attention to what the energy class of the model is. The highest energy efficiency rating so far is A+++.


Air conditioner size

If the air conditioning system is too small for the room it is placed in, it will use more energy to heat it. If the air conditioner is more powerful, then it will turn off more often and blow louder, which is energy consuming and ultimately won't provide the comfort you need.


Operating range

Make sure the air conditioner has a wide enough operating range to give you peace of mind that the unit is designed to operate in freezing temperatures. This is especially important if you live in an area where winters are colder.


Economical settings

An economical air conditioner should offer a variety of economical settings to make it easier to use and adjust the power.


Fuji Electric energy saving air conditioners


Fuji Electric KG Series Hyperinverter Air Conditioners


The operating range of the KG series in heating mode is -15~24 degrees. This means that even in extreme temperatures you can rely on the system.


The series also features the highest A+++ class in both heating and cooling. So the air conditioner will run as efficiently as possible all year round.


The air conditioners feature a human activity sensor that adjusts the system's performance according to whether there are people present in the room.


Fuji Electric KM Series Professional Air Conditioners


The series features a stylish and sleek design that is achieved thanks to the compact heat exchanger and redesigned fan turbine.


These air conditioners have a wide operating range. In heating mode it is -15 ~ 24 degrees. In addition, the systems are outstanding in terms of efficiency thanks to the high density heat exchanger and the new R32 refrigerant gas.


You can enjoy incredibly comfortable airflow and quiet operation. Thanks to the large louvres, a wider airflow is achieved, which can be directed vertically downwards, while the noise level is kept low thanks to the renewed fan turbine design.


Take a look at these models on the Fuji Electric website. Contact our team for more information.