Air conditioner filters are an essential component that is often overlooked by consumers. Thanks to them, we can enjoy cleaner air and greater comfort - they protect the system and our home from harmful particles and pollutants.


In this article, we will look at what filters are and what is important to know about them.


What is an air conditioner filter?

The main function of air filters is to filter the air and prevent harmful particles and allergens from entering back into the room. These elements are therefore crucial not only for the system itself but also for the health of the users.


Filters typically consist of a mesh structure through which air passes and which is fine enough that it collects particulates and other pollutants. They are most often made of fibreglass filaments that are attached to a frame. They can also consist of fine paper or fabric attached to a wooden frame.


How are air filters useful?

Filters can protect us from the following pollutants:

● Pollen

● Mold

● Pollutants contained in outdoor air

● Dust

● Pet hair

● Skin or dander


In addition to protecting us from pollutants, filters make the air cleaner - this is essential for all occupants, especially those who are sensitive to air quality, have allergies or asthma.


Why clean air filters?

Cleaning filters regularly is good for the efficient operation of the whole system, the health of all occupants, and energy consumption.


Air conditioning efficiency

If you don't clean your air conditioner filters often enough, dirt starts to build up on them over time. This reduces the volume of air that can pass through the filter. So your system will have to work harder to achieve the settings you set.


Energy consumption

If you don't regularly clean your air conditioner's filters, it can lead to faster wear and tear on the system, but it can also lead to higher energy consumption (which can increase your energy bills by up to 15%).


Air quality

In addition to not being able to clean the passing air efficiently enough, a dirty filter can re-introduce some of the harmful particles that have accumulated on it into the room. This can make the air even dirtier.


How often should you clean your air filter?

The recommended frequency of changing or cleaning your air filter can vary as it depends on several factors such as:

● size and type of room

● air quality

● pets

● population of the area

● type of filter


It's best to clean filters every 2-3 weeks and replace them with new ones every 3-4 months.


Tip for choosing an air conditioner

If you're choosing a new air conditioner, we recommend looking at models with a smart controller that can notify you of the status of the filters and system. That way, you'll know exactly when to do the cleaning.


How to clean air conditioner filters?

We'll give you a few basic steps for cleaning a wall-mounted air conditioner, which in many cases are also applicable to other types of air conditioning systems.


● Make sure you turn off the air conditioning system

● Open the front panel of the air conditioner carefully

● Locate the filters and carefully remove them

● Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove visible particles and contaminants

● Immerse the filters in a basin of room-temperature water

● Avoid using strong detergents

● After washing the filters, let them dry in the shade and in the air

● Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back into the system

● Place the filter with the "FRONT" mark facing forward and close the front panel

● You can switch on the air conditioner and set the desired settings


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