When choosing an air conditioner to heat your home or office, it's important to target the right type of unit to suit your needs. Floor air conditioners are one of the most common solutions when it comes to space heating and cooling. In this article, we'll take a look at the benefits of these air conditioning systems to help you figure out if they're the right choice for you.


Advantages of floor air conditioners

Floor air conditioners are a relatively new solution that has several advantages over wall-mounted air conditioners. They are most often installed on the floor of a room and can provide efficient heating while taking up little space. Floor air conditioners are especially useful for air conditioning of large rooms where wall air conditioners may not be efficient enough.


Also, these air conditioners are particularly suitable for rooms that have thin walls. In many cases, they are often a better solution in loft apartments and rooms in general that have sloping ceilings.


Beautiful and stylish design

Floor air conditioners have a beautiful, stylish and slim design that makes them almost invisible. The important thing in this case is to consider whether you can tailor the installation space so that there is enough room in front of and adjacent to the air conditioner for the air stream to pass freely.


Easy installation and maintenance

Floor air conditioners not only provide efficient heating, they are also easy to install and maintain. They are particularly suitable for larger spaces that are not cluttered with furniture.


Different installation options

Despite being called 'floor аir conditioners, they are not always installed directly on the floor. Sometimes they can be placed close to it, on the wall, in recesses, under a windowsill or on walls that are smaller.


If the floor air conditioner is installed under a window, next to a bed or on the floor, you will have easy access to it when cleaning the filters. This means there is less risk of forgetting to clean the unit. However, with this type of air conditioner, the amount of dust collected can be a bit much, requiring more frequent cleaning.


Dual airflow

One of the main advantages of floor air conditioners is that most of them feature dual airflow, which provides ideal conditions for heating the space. The system is designed to maintain a lower temperature near the floor and gradually increase the temperature towards the ceiling, while not blowing directly on the occupants. This means that even in cold temperatures, your feet will always be warm.


With most floor air conditioner models, you can choose to run one or both air jets. So if you're feeling warm, you can turn off the jet that blows close to the floor and leave only the one that blows towards the top of the room active.


Floor air conditioners are also a good solution if you have children, as they often like to play on the floor. Unlike other heating systems, these air conditioners do not directly heat the floor, making it safer for children to play. This is especially important in winter when little ones play indoors for long periods of time.


When you need heat in the room but don't want to have air jets directed directly at you, dual airflow floor air conditioners are a very good solution that provide balanced heating.


In which cases it is better to choose a floor air conditioner


Installation in bedrooms

Floor air conditioners are a very suitable choice for heating and cooling the bedroom because of their compact design. They are also extremely quiet, so they are also more preferred in this area where users need peace of mind and quality rest.


Large spaces

Floor air conditioners are also suitable for large rooms that are not cluttered with furniture.


Where wall space is limited

These types of air conditioners are extremely compact and easy to install, making them a perfect choice in cases where there is limited wall space.


In hard-to-reach areas

Floor air conditioners can also be used in hard-to-reach areas and rooms where the installation of a wall air conditioner is impossible.


In addition, these air conditioning systems are ideal for installation under large windows and next to glass walls in buildings with non-standard architecture, as well as for rooms with very low or sloping ceilings.


When more discreet air conditioning is desired

In addition, they are perfect for decorative purposes, especially when the wall is painted or decorated with photo wallpaper, paintings or other artwork.


Floor air conditioners are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Depending on the model and brand, they may provide different features and operation, but at their core are very similar to most split systems. This ensures that they offer the same comfort, and in some cases we have mentioned, may even be the better choice.


Fuji Electric inverter floor air conditioners are among the most advanced and efficient solutions for space heating and cooling. These air conditioners are extremely quiet while providing a high level of seasonal efficiency. The floor-standing indoor units of the air conditioners are very compact and are easily installed under a window or in a wall niche, making them perfect for rooms with limited space.


Fuji Electric's air conditioners feature two fan turbines that operate independently of each other, providing powerful airflow that reaches every corner of the conditioned space. This means that the airflow can be directed in the specified direction depending on the user's needs.


On the Fuji Electric website you can view our range of floor air conditioners. You can contact our team for more information.