Your air conditioner is running normally, but your electricity bills are starting to rise significantly. Before you justify this with rising electricity prices, you might consider whether your air conditioning system is efficient enough.


The truth is that every system starts to wear out over time, even more so if it hasn't been properly maintained over the years.


What happens when air conditioner parts start to wear out?

The unit starts to work harder, you may need to adjust the thermostat to lower (in cooling mode) or higher degrees (in heating mode) to get the comfort you want.


Another sign that your system may not be working efficiently is uneven air conditioning distribution and temperature differences in individual rooms. If any of these signs are present, we recommend that you check to see if it is time for new equipment that is more energy efficient.


In this article, we'll take a look at why you should choose an energy-efficient air conditioner and which Fuji Electric air conditioners we recommend.


Key benefits of an energy-efficient air conditioner

● Lower energy bills

● Fewer repairs

● Higher comfort

● More safety and reliability

● Contribution to the environment


Fuji Electric KG hyperinverter wall air conditioner

Fuji Electric's KG series air conditioner is a great energy-efficient choice for homes and offices.


It has an A+++ rating in cooling and heating mode, which helps reduce electricity costs.


The air conditioner features an occupancy sensor that automatically switches to economy mode when the room is unoccupied, allowing you to save even more on your energy costs.

The system's heat exchanger is hybrid and has a larger turbine diameter, making it more efficient and more powerful.


You can control the KG remotely using a smartphone or tablet, giving you better control over your air conditioning even when you're away from home.


KG series air conditioners use environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant which is less harmful to the environment compared to other agents, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for air conditioning.


All of these features make Fuji Electric's KG series air conditioner a great choice for energy-efficient and sustainable heating and cooling of a variety of rooms.


Fuji Electric KE Inverter Wall Air Conditioner

This air conditioner series is a true design masterpiece that can provide you with incredible comfort all year round.


The ultra-high energy efficiency of the series is due to the high-efficiency lambda heat exchanger, larger fan turbine and new refrigerant.


With the Fuji Electric KE you can enjoy gentle airflow and virtually silent operation. This is achieved by the large louver and the new structure.


You can control your air conditioner from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet once the optional wireless LAN interface is installed.


Check out the rest of Fuji Electric's air conditioners on our website. Our team is at your disposal if you need any consultation.