When temperatures get very low or high, bedroom comfort may only be achievable with an air conditioner. During summer, for example, hot temperatures are likely to persist until late at night. Also, humidity levels may be too high. If you don't have a proper air conditioning system, these conditions could be causing your sleep to be disrupted.


In this article, we'll cover everything important about bedroom air conditioners. This includes the appropriate installation location in the room, and which types of air conditioners are best suited for these rooms.


Where to install an air conditioner in the bedroom?

The air conditioner should not blow directly onto the bed. A strategic place to mount an air conditioner is on the left or right side of the bed.


Here are a few other criteria for placing an air conditioner in the bedroom:


The air conditioner should be away from heat sources

Heat sources will affect the thermostat reading of the air conditioner. Therefore, avoid mounting the unit in a location with direct sunlight. Otherwise, when the air conditioner heats up, it will report that the room is warmer than it actually is.


The air conditioner should be away from other appliances and electronics

Electronic appliances also produce heat, especially older ones. These appliances can also become damaged if they get wet. For some reason, water may start dripping from the air conditioner. Therefore, it is not advisable to install it over electrical appliances.


Install the air conditioner so that the airflow is free

Make sure that there is enough free space around your air conditioner and that nothing obstructs the airflow. This will ensure the normal operation of the system.


If there is any object in front of your air conditioner, this can cause condensation to form. This can damage not only the system but other objects as well.


Mount the air conditioner at a suitable height

In order for the airflow to distribute properly, pay attention to the mounting height as well. For example, for most people, it is appropriate to blow air at a height of 1-1.5 metres from the floor.


Typically with wall-mounted air conditioners, the air is blown in a downward direction. So for a split air conditioner the appropriate installation height is 2-2.5 metres from floor level.


The best installation location is a central one

If the air conditioner is positioned in a central location, this will help to distribute the airflow well throughout the room. However, it is important what the room is like. If it is rectangular in shape, a central location is best. However, if your furniture is in a different part of the room, you may want to consider that.


Which is the best type of air conditioner for a bedroom?


Wall-mounted air conditioners

This is the best choice for medium and small bedrooms. Wall-mounted air conditioners are powerful, efficient and quiet enough for these types of rooms. Also, you can choose between many elegant models to fit into the harmonious atmosphere of the bedroom.


The only disadvantage of wall air conditioners is that you have to consider the presence of an indoor and outdoor unit. For installation, it will be necessary to drill holes and keep the outdoor unit away from the bedroom as it generates noise.


Floor air conditioners for bedrooms

These air conditioners are mounted low on the wall. They are more expensive than traditional wall-mounted air conditioners but are a preferred choice for many users as they are not as visible.


This is a very common choice for bedrooms in loft conversions as they can be mounted on the wall below the sloping ceiling.


Ducted air conditioners for bedrooms

This is the most expensive option but certainly the most aesthetically pleasing. Modern new-buildings often feature such systems. The air ducts and indoor unit are hidden in the ceiling, so only a small, unobtrusive grille is visible.


These systems are best installed at the start of construction as dedicated space is required for the ductwork.


Various ducted air conditioners are available to suit different room shapes and sizes.


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